We are: 7 partners (schools, vocational training centres and NGOs) from 7 EU member states

Czech Republic, Romania, Poland, Greece, Bulgaria, Lithuania and France

Our joint project is:  AGEING WELL: DON’T HESITATE, BE ACTIVE!

Our objectives for the project are:

  • Prevent retired people from social isolation and make them being active;
  • Support and boost their skills;
  • Introduce the contemporary life, culture and natural heritage of partner countries based on the presentations of seniors  in an interactive way;
  • Learn them how to use modern tools for their hobbies, interests and communication with their children and peers;
  • Promote active citizenship and creativity of the target group;
  • Support volunteering;
  • Share experience in the field of non-formal seniors´ education;

We shall organize:

  • 6 international meetings: kick off meeting in Poland, closing meeting in France and 4 thematic meetings (Romania, Greece, Lithuania, Italy);
  • non-formal educational sessions for acquiring languages and ICT skills for senior students;
  • local events for seniors – hobby sessions, exhibitions, meetings and discussions;

Our senior students shall work on and share information about the following topics:

  • Personal interests – senior will introduce their personal interests with the help of ICT tools;
  • Nature and environment – seniors will choose the tools how to present their local (country) natural and environmental heritage;
  • Going around the city – „City by seniors´eyes“ – seniors participating in the meeting will go around the host city/town and make their own pictures. All seniors will present and compare they insights and perspectives;
  • Cultural life of my place – stories /reports about cultural events/celebrations in partners’ places;

We shall present our work in:

  • 4 virtual rooms for seniors’ pieces of work (one per topic) – the four sections on the website shall contain videos, pictures, presentations created by seniors;
  • web-site – containing newsletters and all the related project information;
  • good practice booklet  – for sharing experience related to the training activities done by each partner;