About project and Partner schools


Key action: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices


24 months (01.09.2015 – 01.09.2017)

The project helps to develop basic and transversal skills of students such as digital, language, entrepreneur, social and skills for active citizenship.

Project partners

  1. Educa Pardubice – SOŠ, s.r.o., Rybitví, Czech Republic (http://educapardubice.cz)
  2. BHAK AmstettenAustria (hakamstetten.ac.at)
  3. Kungshögaskolan, Mjölby, Sweden (http://mjolby.se/gymnasium/gymnasium.html)
  4. Institut de l’Ebre, Tortosa, Spain (Insebre@insebre.com)
  5. Obchodna akademia, Watsonova 61, Kosice, Slovakia (oake.sk)

Description of the project

The project is focused on….                                                

  • promoting entrepreneurship education in the partner schools,
  • increasing students´specific skills and knowledge needed for their better employability, starting/running their own business and their active citizenship.

The project helps..

  • developing basic and transverzal skills (entrepreneurship, digital skills, language competences), competitiveness and social thinking.

The students will learn

  • business requirements in all partner countries
  • social entrepreneurship
  • skills useful/needed to be successful in the EU labour market
  • important skills in starting their own business.

Project objectives

  •  increase students’ knowledge about the entrepreneurship, rules, requirements and opportunities in the partner countries;
  • learn about phenomena of “Social entrepreneurship” and help students think of their own ideas in this field;
  • increase students´ key competences needed for business and employability;
  • promote students´ language and digital skills;
  • promote entrepreneurship education in all partner schools, exchange of good practices;
  • implement new collaborative learning approaches;
  • establish and strengthen the cooperation among partner organizations;
  • support future learning and career path of students.

Czech Republic: EDUCA CZ_school presentation

Slovakia: prezentaciaOA_Kosice


Spain: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cJVVkd30P_k&feature=youtu.be


Austria: HAK_Amstetten_presentation